Reliance Jio 399 Plan – Jio Double 4G Offer

Reliance Jio 399 Plan, Jio Double 4G Offer, in Jio 399 Plan you will get Unlimited voice call with 84 GB Data (1GB every day for a Prepaid client for 84 days) and 90 GB Data (1GB every day for Postpaid client for 90 days). Reliance  Jio refreshes Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer with another Jio Rs 399 Offer Plan.

Reliance Jio 399 Plan - Success

Reliance Jio 399 Plan has accomplished an incredible tallness of progress since the season of its initiation. Furnishing the clients with different useful offers and appealing open doors has made this name extremely mainstream among every last one. These days, each other individual has a Jio sim card for his telephone. Not exclusively did Reliance Jio offered individuals boundless access to the web additionally guaranteed that each other necessity for general society is being satisfied.

It is only as of late from April, that this organization began charging for their Internet benefits yet at the same time offered boundless calls to each other number. A few designs, for example, the Jio 399 arrangement, Jio 349 arrangement, Jio 999 arrangement and a great deal more such plans offered a lot of information and calls for such insignificant sum.

Jio 399 Plan – an Extension Of The Previous Ones?

Only a couple of days prior, the past plans offered by Reliance Jio, otherwise called the 'Dhan Dhana Dhan' offer experienced an overhaul and was supplanted by new plans having more alluring advantages. For the most part, made as an augmentation for the Dhan Dhana Dhan pack, this new arrangement offers a pack that builds the legitimacy of the past 399 pack to 84 days now. As per the new Jio 399 arrangement, the clients who have a Jio Prime participation will be offered 4G information for a legitimacy of 84 days.

One may imagine that because of this expansion in legitimacy, there may be an entrance to boundless information benefits for 84 days. Yet, that is not the situation. The new pack of Rs.399 offers the clients with an every day use utmost of 1 GB for every day after which the speed will lessen to 128kbps making as far as possible an aggregate of 84 GB for 84 days. Be that as it may, the call benefits are comparable. The Jio 399 Offer arrangement is fundamentally a changed adaptation of the validities and information offerings given by the past ones.

Overhauled Jio Plans For Prepaid Users

The amendment of the past Reliance Jio designs was accomplished for both paid ahead of time and post-paid clients. The new Jio 399 arrangement is generally very like 309 plans with the exception of a huge increment in the legitimacy.

Overhauled Jio Plans For Post-Paid Users

New post-paid plans have the legitimacy time of three months with various advantages for various packs. The outstanding 399 pack gives clients boundless information with a 1 GB top for every day alongside boundless voice and informing benefits.

Clarified beneath in forbidden frame are the varieties in the new 399 arrangement for both paid ahead of time and post-paid clients.

Jio 399 Plan for Prepaid and Postpaid users

Validity 84 Days 3 Months
Local Unlimited Unlimited
STD Unlimited Unlimited
Roaming Unlimited Unlimited
Local Unlimited Unlimited
STD Unlimited Unlimited
Roaming Unlimited Unlimited
Data Available 84 GB 90 GB
Data Cap 1 GB per day 1 GB per day
Speed After Cap 128 kbps 128 kbps


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